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The top 12 things our BEST students do everyday at the studio.

30-Ribbon Badge
1: Arrive to class early or on time.
30-Ribbon Badge
2: Attend lessons each week.
30-Ribbon Badge
3: Always dressed appropriately in dance attire.
30-Ribbon Badge
4: Never use electronics during class.
30-Ribbon Badge
5: Always pay attention.
30-Ribbon Badge
6: Avoid socializing during class.
30-Ribbon Badge
7: Team up to clean up.
30-Ribbon Badge
8: Label everything.
30-Ribbon Badge
9: Refrain from touching the mirrors.
30-Ribbon Badge
10: Treat equipment and props with respect.
30-Ribbon Badge
11: Use manners at all times.
30-Ribbon Badge
12: Dance their hearts out at every class.
Dance Kids

“Our best students understand
that mastery of skills through
consistent repetition and hard work
is what makes dance challenging and rewarding.

Taking the time to master
the details of new and familiar skills
is actually a whole lot of fun!”

We look forward to welcoming you into the Dance Kids family!