Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Dance Kids will not be operating any in-person dance classes this season.

We sincerely miss all of our precious students and cannot wait to see you soon. 

With love, 
~ Dance Kids  



DANCE KIDS TORONTO for young children, ages 3-8, is a developmental dance, motor skill, music, and fitness program. BOYS & GIRLS can be enrolled for up to 2 years with this 4 level program. 

Parents who want to give their child the opportunity to dance will love how DANCE KIDS TORONTO teaches the basics of creative movement, ballet and hip hop while we blend in character building concepts. 

Children will dance to familiar child friendly “school safe” music while learning from DANCE KIDS TORONTO certified teachers and instructors who have a strong background and experience in Dance and Early Childhood Education

The program provides children with the potential to be creative, express themselves through movement, learn the foundations of ballet and hip hop, while building strong muscles, social skills, self-confidence and self-esteem, all while we reinforce age appropriate character building concepts that are already being taught in the daycare and practiced at home.

What Our Parents Are Saying

After one of our outstanding dance classes, students leave the classroom happy and stress-free!

Parents and students enjoy the enthusiastic and entertaining instructor, engaging props, fun take home activities and online home study resources. 


Our commitments to our families.

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Easy for parents: You get the freedom & Flexibility of UNLIMITED classes. [not currently available due to COVID-19].
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Local & convenient locations in your community: We can be found in schools, daycares & community centres.
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Not-for-profit dance studio means NO HST: We are thrilled to keep more money in your pocket.
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Excellent Value: Dance education at an exceptional value.
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Privacy is Important: We never post photos or videos of your child on our social media channels.
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Online Support: Home study support, online anytime.
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Experience a "FAMILY FIRST" Community: It's about more than just great dancing!
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Life-Long Friends: We give families the opportunity to create life-long friendships.