Summer Recital 2023

Recital: Sunday, August 20, 2023
Venue: Madonna Catholic Secondary School
Address: 20 Dubray Ave, North York, ON M3K 1V5

What to Expect

  • 60 mins. before show time - Dancers Sign-in & Get in Costume
  • 45 mins. before show time - Dancers take a photo
  • 15 mins. before show time - Audience Enters & Takes Seats


  • Start of Show
  • 1 mins - A Video Message
  • 3 mins - What about us (Ballet)
  • 3 mins - Me & My Teddy Bear (Ballet)
  • 3 mins - Heal the World (Ballet)
  • 3 mins - ABC (Hip Hop)

  • 3 mins - Timber (Hip Hop)

  • 3 mins - Make Some Noise (Hip Hop)
  • 3 mins - Finale Dance (All Dancers)

  • 12 mins - Goodbye Solo & Awards

  • End of Show

How to be in the Recital

Step #1

Get Information
CLICK HERE ➤ www.dancekids.ca/recital

Step #2

Find Your Show Time
CLICK HERE ➤ https://www.dancekids.ca/find-my-show

Step #3

Get tickets
CLICK HERE26147.danceticketing.com

Step #4

☞ Enjoy a wonderful 90 minutes with close friends and family while you support and cheer for your child.


11:00am • 1:30pm • 4:00pm

11:00am Recital Cast Below

  • 10:00am - Sign-in
  • 10:15am - Take a photo
  • 10:45am - Audience enters
  • 11:00am - Show starts
  • 11:45am - Show ends
  • 12:00pm - Sign-out
Abigail M. Summer
Aethan Alaric A. Summer
Alexa Maria S. Summer
Alexia T. Summer
Alissa L. Summer
Avery Rose D. Summer
Caleb F. Summer
Carolina S. Summer
Dominik D. Summer
Emilia D. Summer
Euan-Troy T. Summer
Francesco M. Summer
Georgia S. Summer
Hannah Q. Summer
Isabella A. Summer
Ivy N. Summer
Jack P. Summer
Jaida L. Summer
Jairus Liev C. Summer
Jasper N. Summer
Kallie P. Summer
Laura Thu N. Summer
Leah Rose P. Summer
Lois Madison F. Summer
Mia B. Summer
Mikaela Cassandra T. Summer
Paul Joseph C. Summer
Ryle S. Summer
Samantha Jade H. Summer
Selena S. Summer
Sophia Lo. Summer
Sophia A. Summer
Sophia C. Summer
Stefani C. Summer
Vaughn R. Summer
Vivian D. Summer
Yasmine A. Summer
Zean Grey P. Summer
Pema K. Silver
James M. Silver
Jaden M. Silver
Gloria N. Silver
Charlotte C. Gold
Rosie D. Gold
Gabriella D. Gold
Salome Q. Gold
Isabella D. Gold
LeAndrew T. Gold
Amelia R. Diamond
Precious Elaine Y. Diamond
Jairus Y. Diamond
Clara D. Diamond
Olivia L. Diamond


1:30pm Recital Cast Below

  • 12:30pm - Sign-in
  • 12:45pm - Take a photo
  • 1:15pm - Audience enters
  • 1:30pm - Show starts
  • 2:15pm - Show ends
  • 2:30pm - Sign-out
Alessia D. Summer
Alivia F. Summer
Althea N. Summer
Amyrah O. Summer
Anastasia J. G. Summer
April T. Summer
Avery B. Summer
Avielle O. Summer
Bora C. Summer
Cabrielle Jewel D. Summer
Chloe B. Summer
Cian Marcus A. Summer
Ecru V. Summer
Emma T. Summer
Evin R. Summer
Giselle A. Summer
Hana V. Summer
Isabella F. Summer
Isla C. Summer
Jacob Grey B. Summer
Jayla O. Summer
Julia E. Summer
Kyla D. Summer
Kylie W. Summer
Landon T. Summer
Lilia H. Summer
Louise Andrea V. Summer
Lynn N. Summer
Mia A. Summer
Mila D. Summer
Nolan C. Summer
Reina T. Summer
Samantha J. Summer
Scarlett M. Summer
Xia G. Summer
Yaretzi M. Summer
Kalayah R. Silver
Theodore L. Gold
Myra R. Diamond
Zairaiah C. Diamond
Alejandra L. Diamond
Cathleya A. Diamond


4:00pm Recital Cast Below

  • 3:00pm - Sign-in
  • 3:15pm - Take a photo
  • 3:45pm - Audience enters
  • 4:00pm - Show starts
  • 4:45pm - Show ends
  • 5:00pm - Sign-out
Aashvi S. Summer
Ailie Jade S. Summer
Akyla Nami P. Summer
Alaina Claudia D. Summer
Amara R. Summer
Isabella S. Summer
Isabella A. Summer
Ivy A. Summer
Jared V. Summer
Jesse R. Summer
John Calix S. Summer
Julio Q. Summer
Kate U. Summer
Lew A. Summer
Margaux B. Summer
Maribelle N. Summer
Nayanika K. Summer
Pia A. Summer
Rowela B. Summer
Savie B. Summer
Sophia La. Summer
Theresa V. Summer
Vanessa D. Summer
Yzabella D. Summer
Briana Jophiel H. Silver
Sophia S. Silver
Johanna S. Silver
Ottilie Soriano S. Silver
MariaLuisa T. Silver
Isabella D. Silver
Jenya A. Silver
Sabrina B. Silver
Giulia B. Gold
Zoroya-Isaiah J. Gold
Emma R. Gold
Naomi T. Diamond
Joanna Ysabelle D. Diamond
Mira R. Diamond
Sam M. Diamond
Rayshel L. Diamond
Xyreen M. Diamond