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Dance Kids Canada warmly welcome and encourage any families who believe that their child falls under the category of "Underprivileged Individuals or Those with Disabilities" to consider applying for our financial assistance program. We are committed to promoting inclusivity and equal opportunities within our organization, and this program has been designed to support families facing financial challenges or those with children who have special needs. Our aim is to ensure that no child is denied the opportunity to participate in our programs due to financial constraints, and we are dedicated to working with eligible families to provide the necessary assistance to make their child's participation possible. Your child's potential and passion are important to us, and we are here to help make their dreams a reality.


Removing Financial Barriers.

Sometimes, families need financial assistance to get their kids into a sport or physical activity. We're committed to helping all families access a range of activities, from boxing to bowling and skating to skiing, and more.

The Individual Child Grant system will close for the 2023 funding year on October 20th, 2023 at 11:59pm EST. Please ensure you complete and submit any application for funding prior to that date.


We envision a Canada where all children have the opportunity to participate in sport.

KidSport Toronto reviews the financial barriers facing the child’s family when determining eligibility for grants provided through the Provincial Fund.

If you are unsure of your eligibility to receive a grant, please reach out to toronto@kidsportontario.ca


Dance Kids Fee Assistance

We recognize the value of participating in recreation and culture activities and believe all children, regardless of financial circumstances, should be able to enjoy the programs offered by Dance Kids.

The Fee Assistance Program supports families in participating in dance classes.  Each year eligible families can be approved to receive a subsidy of up to $384, twice a year

Those approved will receive a coupon code so that the funds can be applied to their program registration or membership.


Dance Kids Inclusion Assistance

We welcome and encourage individuals of all abilities to participate in our services.. We are dedicated to providing accessible and inclusive opportunities for all. We offer both adapted and integrated programs and welcome different types of support to provide participants with an equal opportunity within their chosen program. 

You will be required to complete an All About Me Profile on their child's behalf. This is a confidential document which is used to assess support needs and is only provided to program staff who will be working directly with the participant to be able to best support them in programs.